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2013 Koji (Komlock) Komuro Seminars

  • Don’t miss out on attending this 2 day seminar by Koji (Komlock) Komuro.
  • Komuro Sensei has gained recognition around the world for his newaza skill.
  • One of several Judoka to attend Rickson Gracie’s Budo Challenge in 2005, he won his weight class in the newaza competition against other notable Ju Jitsu and Sambo grapplers.
  • More recently he has co-authored 2 books on Strangles and Arm-locks with the legendary Sensei Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki.
  • Through Quest DVDs he has released 4 DVDs and published his own newaza manual.
  • Saturday will be dedicated to a range of exercises and techniques which Komlock specialises in.
  • Sunday will be dedicated to Katame no Kata, at which Komlock has won world Masters Championships twice for this kata.
For more details, download Komlock Flyer.pdf (80KB)

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