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2010 Wellington Grass roots camp

Grass roots camp in Wellington
26-28 March 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The enclosed three forms are available for distribution to members wishing to attend the Judo Camp 26-28 March 2010. We have tightened up on the consent forms since last year so there is a bit more paperwork required--sorry, but we do need to ensure everyone is safe.

Please note the timetable is purely indicative at this stage. We are still waiting for Clubs to indicate which instructors are attending and what areas they wish to help with. Parents and families are more than welcome - note there is a cost difference for private cabins. Any parents willing to help out with outdoor activities will be greatly appreciated as will those who help keep an eye on the younger unaccompanied ones from their club (ie, it is good if they know who they are and the kids know them).

The intent is to split kids up in the cabin groups so it is important for us to know in advance of any potential problems this may cause with homesickness, fragility etc. There is space on the form for this however,  We need to know in advance about any special dietary requirements or significant medical issues. Please e-mail these through as soon as known.

Places on the Camp are limited so Clubs are encouraged to e-mail or phone through names to me sooner rather than later. These can be drip fed as they come in over the next few weeks. This will help us with estimating numbers, planning the programme, and organising other aspects of the camp. The only info required is first & last name, age, grade, and whether Friday dinner is required or not. Obviously any special issues as mentioned above are critical.

I will advise you when we are getting close to running out of space. The last date for names will be Tuesday 23 March (due to catering).

Please collect, check and hold all consent forms and payment; these must be brought to the camp and handed over on Friday Night.

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