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Whanganui Training for Seniors

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 11:54pm, Sunday 4th March, 2012

The Whanganui National Training Camp was a fantastic way to improve our Judo. Graeme Culling came over and trained the juniors and seniors bringing with him some seniors to help add to the training diversity. Now its our turn to return the favour and travel over to Whanganui on Wednesday for some serious training. Contact John if you are interested in coming over, we may look at taking a couple of cars.

Whanganui visit this Thursday

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 11:27pm, Wednesday 29th February, 2012

Graeme from Whanganui Judo will be coming over with some of the other players for some serious training. Should be a good session so make sure you are there to make the most of training with different people and learning new things.

2012 National Training Camp

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 11:48pm, Monday 16th January, 2012

This years National Training camp will be held in Whanganui, Friday 17th of Feb from 6.00 pm until Sunday 19th at approx. 2.00 pm. (There will be training on Friday evening from 7.00 pm). Deadline for registering for this event is 3rd February 2012. I have attached details in the events section. Click here for further info. A reminder that we are back at training this Tuesday at the slightly earlier time of 7pm while the juniors are still on holiday. Seniors and Cadets are invited to start training early to get a good start on the year.