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2014 Training and Competitions...

Posted by Web Admin Palmy Judo at 11:04am, Sunday 20th April, 2014
The Palmerston North Judo Club has attended 2 Area Judo Champs in Gisborne and Wellington with great results in both.

In Gisborne we had a small team travel up of Juniors and Seniors. Phillip Payne won 2 Golds (Under 73kg Young Masters uncontested and Masters under 73kg) and John Greenwood 2 Silvers (Under 90kg Masters and Masters Open).

In the Juniors, Deakin Payne won a Silver in under 28kg Junior Boys and Bronze in the Junior Boys Open. Luca Ribero won Silver in the under 36kg Junior Boys and took out the Junior Boys Open beating one of the top junior boys players in the country to win Gold.

These Junior results were to be later backed up by outstanding performances at the recent Grassroots Training Camp in Wellington that saw Luca, Deakin, and Grace Leney receive special mention. Deakin went on to perform batsugan with 7 wins in a row and was promptly recommended for grading. Congratulations to Deakin who has since been graded.

Last weekends Wellington Open saw a surprising well represented senior showing across all clubs with good numbers in the Masters Categories. All Masters players were in the medals with Jason Turley winning Silver in the Young Masters under 90kg, John Greenwood Bronze in the Masters Open, and Jonathan Godfrey winning 3 Golds in Senior Mens +100kg, Masters +90kg, and MAsters Open. Jonathans fights amongst others were recorded by one of his opponents and can be found on Youtube at In the Senior Women, a hard fought effort saw Lisa Major score Bronze in the Senior Women Open.

In the Junior Men, Senior Girls, and Juniors categories, players did equally as well. James Hutton won Bronze in the Junior Men Open, Yannick Ribero won Gold in under 66kg Senior Boys, Deakin Payne won Silver in under 28kg, and special mention goes to Arhan Pilkington and Luca Ribero who faced each other twice in 2 finals, under 36kg Junior Boys and Junior Boys Open. Congratulations to Luca who won Gold in both events, and an awesome effort for Arhans 2 Silvers. In the Senior Girls Poppy Leney did exceptionally well with 3 medals, Gold in Under 50kg Senior Girls uncontested, Silve in under 55k Senior Girls, and a Bronze medal in the Open.

With virtually all competitiors, both young and not so young in the medals, the club continues to demonstrate a high calibre of Judo. With all the coaches in the medals, its great to see the club also practices what it preaches, which is good solid all round Judo.

Over the Easter holidays, training will be at 7pm for seniors with those juniors considering competing in the upcoming North Wellington Judo Champs (NWJC) in Wanganui also welcome to join training. The NWJC is our area champs on our back doorstep so it is an opportunity to train, support and participate in our local event building on excellent results for the year to date. Well done everyone in the club for a great first quarter!

Last term of training for the year...

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 2:35pm, Monday 14th October, 2013
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Last term of training starts this week with normal times resuming Tuesdays and Thursdays. Juniors at 6.30pm and Seniors at 7.30pm.

You can now register online, simply go to the website at and create an account. You will then have access to the Members Area where you will be able to do a range of things from registering for the term, or competitions, or pick up a t-shirt.

We are ordering t-shirts this week so its not too late to get in on the first order which has nearly 40 shirts already!! Registering on the website also ensures you don't miss out on the latest club news.

A reminder that this Tuesday at training is the final day to get your entry in for the upcoming 2013 National Judo Champs in Wellington.

New Judo Term and upcoming competitions

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 1:06pm, Saturday 27th July, 2013
We welcome in a new term of Judo with Juniors commencing this Tuesday 6.30pm and Seniors starting 7.30pm. Its been a pretty cool (literally) last couple of months, however the gyms heating has proved toasty for players and parents watching. In a club over 50 years old, with over 100 years of Judo experience between the coaches, and lifetime members, the Palmy Judo Club has the most qualified coaches in the region. Our coaches have the most coaching experience, competition experience and the most International experience. These coaches are ready to pass on their invaluable knowledge in all things Judo once again.

Away training is taking place this Sunday at 10am at the new Judo Dojo in the old YMCA building, 159 Wicksteed Street, Whanganui. Wayne Watson and Gary Davies will be there to help improve your Judo.

2013 North Island Championships, Gisborne, starting 31 August, registrations due by 21 August 2013
2013 South Island Championships, Lincoln, starting 14 September, registrations due by 4 September 2013

For further information, visit

Juniors start back this Tuesday

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 9:31pm, Sunday 14th October, 2012

Hope you all had a good holiday break. Juniors start back this Tuesday at 6.30pm with seniors following7.30pm. See you there.

No Training Thursday 23 August

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 2:09pm, Wednesday 22nd August, 2012
Tags: training

A Reminder there is no training for either juniors or seniors this Thursday. We will notify you of a catch up day.

Last Training at Parkland Dojo

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 1:02am, Thursday 2nd August, 2012
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Tonight is the last night of training at the Parkland School Dojo for both juniors and seniors. After years of training at the Dojo, a new venue was required due to renovations at the school which will see the hall used as a classroom.

The Palmerston North Judo Club has managed to secure a new training gym in the centre of town. As of Tuesday next week we will be training at the same times at the Seven Day Adventist Gym, 257 Ferguson Street, just around the corner from Pitt Street.

See the Google Map by clicking this link;,175.609245&spn=0.013881,0.033023&sll=-40.799894,175.310128&sspn=55.752171,135.263672&hq=7+day+adventist+church&hnear=Palmerston+North,+Manawatu-Wanganui&t=m&z=16

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Parkland School for their partnership in supplying premises for us to train at. It is also an opportunity for you to come and have a final training with us as we farewell another part of Palmerston Norths Judo history. As they say, "One door closes, and another one opens".

We will be shifting the mats from the school hall on Sunday at 3pm. If you have a vehicle or trailer capable of assisting with the shift, your help would be greatly appreciated.

New term for Judo training

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 9:35pm, Monday 16th July, 2012

Hope everyone had a great holiday. We are now back to training usual times on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Juniors 6.30pm and Seniors 7.30pm down at Parkland School. Look forward to seeing you there.

Training over the School Holidays

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 10:54pm, Sunday 1st July, 2012

There is no training for juniors through the school holidays. Seniors will be training over the school holidays at 7pm for the next 2 weeks. Have a safe holiday.

Judo Training cancelled tonight for Juniors and Seniors

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 12:02pm, Thursday 7th June, 2012

Due to a school disco, the ahll will be unavailable to the club tonight so all training for both juniors and seniors has been cancelled.

Please pass this message on to anyone you feel may not have received the message, thank you.

Training at City College this Sunday 20/5

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 10:55am, Wednesday 16th May, 2012


City College Judo are putting the mats down again for training this Sunday 20th May at the Wanganui City College Gym, starting 10am if you are interested in coming along.

See Google Map here for location details


Last Holiday Training and Fees

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 3:48pm, Thursday 19th April, 2012

Tonight, 7pm, is the last seniors training for the holidays before the new term starts. Please note that new fees apply starting the new season. This is in line with rising costs of services and the reduction of last years shortfall. Palmerston North Judo still represents outstanding value and remains one of the cheapest sports to enter into. For full details on how the new fees may affect you, please visit

Wanganui City College Gym Training

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 5:17pm, Friday 16th March, 2012

Gary Davies is running a Randori Session this Sunday 18th March 10am at the Whanganui City College Gym for anyone interested in some weekend training.

Whanganui Training for Seniors

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 11:54pm, Sunday 4th March, 2012

The Whanganui National Training Camp was a fantastic way to improve our Judo. Graeme Culling came over and trained the juniors and seniors bringing with him some seniors to help add to the training diversity. Now its our turn to return the favour and travel over to Whanganui on Wednesday for some serious training. Contact John if you are interested in coming over, we may look at taking a couple of cars.

Whanganui visit this Thursday

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 11:27pm, Wednesday 29th February, 2012

Graeme from Whanganui Judo will be coming over with some of the other players for some serious training. Should be a good session so make sure you are there to make the most of training with different people and learning new things.

Senior Training in 2012

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 9:49am, Friday 13th January, 2012
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Welcome back for the year of 2012. Hope everyone had a great holiday? We are kicking off the seniors training starting Tuesday 17th January at 7pm. Time to work off that Christmas cheer :) Plenty of events happening this year so we figured we better get back to training in preparation.

Dont forget a 7pm start for the next 2 weeks until Juniors come back from holidays. See you there.

Only Senior training over School Holidays

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 5:36pm, Monday 10th October, 2011
Seniors will be training over the school holidays at the new time of 7pm until the holidays end.

Junior training is postponed until after the school holidays.

If there are any cadets who would like to keep training over the holiday break, you are more than welcome to train with the seniors.

Wanganui Judo training

Posted by Web Admin Palmy Judo at 1:04pm, Wednesday 25th May, 2011
A couple of seniors will be going over to the Wanganui Judo Club for training tonight. We will be leaving by 5.30pm. If you are interested in coming over for senior training tonight, contact John on 35 77633.

Seniors Judo still on

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 10:48am, Monday 18th April, 2011
Seniors will be still continuing Judo training at the usual time of 7.30pm while the juniors are taking a well earned break from Judo over the holidays. We will be looking to leave the mats down over the next 2 weeks, so we can focus on training.

Although we have had members on holiday or plagues with injury, particularly from the East Coast Champs, I still encourage you do train within your limits.

Special thanks to Hamish who did a fantastic job with his first grading session for the juniors, and continues to do an excellent job with a new junior syllabus.

Some of you will note that the last Blog post was offline after the email notification email was sent. I had the post hidden while editing the grading table, and some may have tried to view it. It is back up and results for juniors are now showing.

Wanganui Judo Club training with us tonight

Posted by ProDev Administrator at 9:50am, Thursday 7th October, 2010
The Wanganui Judo Club will be coming to Palmerston North to train with us tonight. We will be starting training early as a result with a start time of 6.30pm.

Mats are already down, so we are all set for a good session tonight. Would be good to have numbers tonight as Wanganui will bring a full crew with them.

Cya down at Parkland.